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Motion Analysis Microscope

VW-6000 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Convenient Support Tools

Observation And Analysis

Video editing application

Easy editing of high-speed footage

Easily edit recorded footage with high resolution from the controller or a PC. In addition to resizing and trimming footage, it is also possible to measure dimensions and load footage onto a desktop PC for detailed analysis after recording.

Video editing application: VW-H1ME

Video editing application: VW-H1ME

Image Resizing

It is possible to reduce the size of recorded footage

Image Trimming and Rotation

Resize recorded footage to a desired display resolution

Still Image Extraction/Sequential Saving

Save a crucial moment as a sequence of still images.

Image Touch Up

Adjust the white balance, edge enhancement, and other settings.

Comment Input

Insert comments into recorded content.

Dimension Measurement

Provides the same dimension measurement function as the controller.

Synchronized multi-file playback

Comparative observation

High-speed footage can be compared in vertical, horizontal, or a four way split-screen display. This makes it easy to compare movements by displaying normal movement on the left side of the screen and current movement on the right side. All footage can be displayed in synchronized playback. It can also be rewound or fast forwarded in sync.

Vertical Comparison

Vertical Comparison

Horizontal Comparison

Horizontal Comparison

Four-Way Comparison

Four-Way Comparison

Reduced data saves time

A more efficient recording process

The time and hassle involved with saving data have been significantly reduced thanks to support for JPEG 2000, a video communication application with original video editing features. Now anyone can easily edit video anywhere.

JPEG 2000 support - Time taken to save data reduced by 50%

The VW-6000 uses JPEG 2000 compression, which ensures high image quality and excellent compression. Data is compressed using a dedicated high-speed IC, reducing the time taken to save video by 50%. Large amounts of video data can be saved smoothly, significantly improving efficiency.

Video Communication Application

The VW-6000 transfers large amounts of high-speed video smoothly. Thumbnails can be checked on a PC allowing for easy management of recorded footage. Because the application can be copied, it can be used on multiple PCs.

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