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Motion Analysis Microscope

VW-6000 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Capture High-Speed Phenomena

That Conventional Microscopes Can't Fully Capture.

High-speed mode [Industry First]

Up to 24,000 fps

Capable of high-speed recording of up to 24,000 fps. Easy observation of high-speed moving targets with microscopelike functionality. From checking the behavior of mechanisms on a production line to analyzing moving targets in research tests, the VW-6000 reliably captures high-speed motion in a variety of situations.


Footage of a drill rotating at high speed as it cuts into wood. Wood chips can be seen clearly as they are dispersed.

Lightbulb drop test

The instant the bulb breaks when dropped. The actual glass dispersement can be observed.

Dropped PCB

Capture flex and bounce as a PCB board is dropped.

Popping Balloon

Footage of a water balloon exploding. The splash created the instant the balloon explodes is captured accurately.

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