Records Motion That Previously Could Not be Seen

Achieves 16 Times The Recording Performance of Conventional High-Speed Microscopes.

We re-examined the camera element from scratch and developed a CMOS sensor that is best suited for magnified observation and recording high-speed video. Capable of providing 16 times the recording performance and more than 4 times the camera sensitivity compared to conventional models, the VW-9000 can record at up to 4,000 fps without dropping resolution (640 x 480).

Achieves 16 times the recording performance of conventional high-speed microscopes

Performance comparison

Using VGA (640 x 480) recording

Previous high-speed microscopes could only record at a maximum of 250 fps at a resolution of 640 x 480. The VW-9000 Series can record video using the same resolution, but at 16 times the speed (4,000 fps).

Performance Comparison

Drinking glass impact test