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          High-speed Microscope

          VW-9000 series

          Lens Lineup

          External Devices that Support Observation

          Macro Zoom Unit

          Macro Zoom Unit

          6x optical zoom

          VW-Z1A [NEW]

          One of the most difficult aspects of high-speed recording has been adjusting the lighting appropriately. We took a completely fresh look at this issue and designed a macro zoom unit with built-in lighting. Lighting coverage and angle can be adjusted freely to suit the target.

          Macro Zoom Unit

          Long-Range Macro Zoom Unit

          Long-Range Macro Zoom Unit

          200 to 2000 mm (7.87" to 78.74") WD, 4x optical zoom

          VW-Z2 [NEW]

          Conventionally, it was difficult to perform high-speed imaging due to magnification and working distance issues, especially when trying to monitor objects that were blocked by obstructions. The ability to record at a maximum of 60x while keeping a LONG working distance of 200 to 2000 mm (7.87" to 78.74"), makes observation from a remote distance possible.

          Long-Range Macro Zoom Unit

          LONG-RANGE 200mm to 2000mm (7.87" to 78.74")


          Crisp and bright observation is possible even from a distance

          HIGH MAGNIFICATION 1x to 60x


          High magnification in hard-to-see areas is made simple


          Quickly and Easily Adjust the Camera Angle to Capture the Desired Motion

          Free-Angle Stand VW-S200 [NEW]

          The camera/lens can be manipulated for viewing at any angle. With its simple operation, stable high speed video capture is supported for a variety of locations and applications.

          Free-Angle Stand

          Microscope Library

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