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New Product Announcement

On sale as of December 2014

Automatically Analyze and Compare 3D Surfaces

  • 3D Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
  • VK-X250/150/120

It's clear that these surfaces are different,
but what values actually show the differences?

New feature

Visualize surface differences with new tools

  • Good product Ra: 1.8Good product Ra: 1.8
  • Defective product Ra: 1.8Defective product Ra: 1.8

The appearance and feel of these two products are different, but it is difficult to determine what values need to be evaluated in order to truly understand what makes them different.

42 roughness parameters are automatically analyzed, and the differences between the two surfaces are displayed.
A graphical rating system is used to quickly show just how different the surfaces are based on the parameter being analyzed.

Easy operation ・ Material Independent ・
Nanometer Resolution

High-magnification & Non-contact measurement High-magnification & Non-contact measurementAssets on GaAs due to liquid phase growth (3000×):
Provided by Prof. Tadaaki Kaneko, Department of Chemistry, School of Science and Technology, Kansei Gakuin University

The VK-X Series Laser Scanning Microscope is able to perform non-contact profile, roughness, and film thickness measurements on any material, regardless of the complexity of the surface. With the ability to capture surface information with nanometer-level resolution, users no longer have to be limited by traditional metrology tools, such as interferometers and contact profilers.

  • Steeply-sloped surfacesSteeply-sloped surfaces

    Unmatched sensitivity with steep angle-of-detectionUnmatched sensitivity with steep angle-of-detectionLight guide panel: Area and volume measurement (3000×)

  • Measure film thicknessMeasure film thickness

    Nanometer Resolution & 1-Click measurementNanometer Resolution & 1-Click measurementSteering component: Roughness measurement (400×, two images stitched)

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