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            • Accurate Sorting, Grouping, and Distribution of Similar Colors
            • Detect Low-Contrast Height Changes and Remove Glare
            • Easily Select the Optimal Lighting for Any Application

            • Stable detection at all times
            • Conventional issues eliminated
            • Integration simplified

            • Clamp-On Directly to the Outside of a Pipe.
            • Clamp-On technology allows for usage with pipe sizes up to 8", regardless of liquid or pipe material.
            • Impressive accuracy with several additional features, including integrated temperature monitoring.

            • Surface measurement, not point or line measurement
            • 100% inline measurement at high speeds
            • Streamlined offline inspection for significantly reduced labor times

            • Ultra-Wide Field Of View
            • Greater depth of field at longer ranges
            • Read objects on the move

            • Focus adjustment not required
            • Image with unprecedented clarity and texture
            • Automatically count foreign particles

            • Measure up to 99 Dimensions in Seconds
            • Automatic Data Recording and Inspection Reports
            • 4x the Measurement Volume of Previous Generations
            • Measure Dimensions at Specified Heights

            • With the next generation sensor that can be taught automatically using only one button
            • Detection result shown as an image for easy configuration
            • As easy to use as general-purpose sensors
            • Incorporates many useful and easy-to-use features