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Non-Wetted Electrode Electromagnetic Flow Sensors

FD-M series

For Diecast Machines

Flow control in diecast machines

Application Study Vol.1

Application Study Vol.1

[1] Die cooling
Heat-resistant FD-M sensors are ideal for diecasting applications where hot cooling water is used.

Die cooling

Cooling water lines used for die temperature control can become blocked due to their thin and complex design. Since cooling liquid flow is closely related to die temperature, flow control is critical to ensure that proper temperatures are maintained. The Diecasting process involves high temperature and therefore the cooling liquids themselves frequently reach extreme temperatures. The KEYENCE FD-M is designed for this environment with a temperature rating of up to 85°C (185°F).

[2] Die lubricant coating
The importance of flow control in die lubricant applications

Die lubricant coating

Efficient utilization of die lubricants in the casting process can extend the life of dies and contribute to enhanced product quality. These lubricants will protect the surface from considerable temperature peaks that occur when the molten metal enters the die cavity. Also, fluctuations in die lubricant can cause temperature related quality issues and products to become stuck in the die after cooling. Therefore, the amount of lubricant used during the application process is a critical variable in die casting. This variable can be controlled with the addition of a KEYENCE FD-M flow sensor to your die lubricant spraying system.

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