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Non-Wetted Electrode Electromagnetic Flow Sensors

FD-M series

For Grinding Machines

Flow control in grinding and polishing

Application Study Vol.2

Application Study Vol.2

Grinding wheel cooling

Grinding wheel cooling

Ceramic and CBN grinding wheels

Grinding machines that use CBN grinding wheels require extremely thorough flow control. Once the process has begun, grinding machines cannot be quickly stopped, so a fluctuation in flow of even a few liters can result in significant profile changes up to several microns. To improve product quality, it is necessary to monitor machine operations to ensure that coolant flow remains within the prescribed range. Conventional flow technology can be affected by contamination in the cooling process. The KEYENCE FD-M was designed to eliminate this concern with its Free Flowing Technology. Another concern may be the cost of grinding wheels. Products such as CBN Wheels can deteriorate due to excessive heat in the grinding process. With replacement costs of several thousand dollars, the addition of reliable flow control can be easily justified.

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