Advanced Functionality

Simultaneous 2-zone monitoring with a single unit

Multple zone protection with a single unit

Multiple zones (protection zones/warning zones) can be selected
via remote input. For example, in the image on the right, the zone
set is selected via feedback on the robot's position.
* SZ-04M: 4 zone sets (banks)
SZ-16V/SZ-16D: 16 zone sets (banks)

Built-in Muting Function

Similar to KEYENCE safety light curtains, muting sensors signal
the scanner to ignore certain areas of the protection zone to
allow passage of a target. However, unlike light curtains, muting
the scanner results in a much tighter protection zone, minimizing
dead zones around the passing target.

OSSD Off History

Using OSSD History, it is possible to read out “when”, “where”
and for “how long” the object was detected, enabling easier
troubleshooting and recovery.