Safety Light Curtain

GL-S series

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GL-S Series Safety Light Curtain

  • CE Marking
  • UL Listing(c/us)

1. Seamless Integration Into Equipment

The GL-S Series offers a slim or flat body style to make integration into equipment seamless. Additionally, these light curtains are half the size of conventional curtains.

Seamless Integration Into Equipment

2. Quick and Easy Installation

Built-in mounting brackets and simplified wiring make installation quick and easy.

Quick and Easy Installation

3. Easily Identify Operation Status

The status indicators can be illuminated in three different colors by activating an external input. This allows them to be used as work instruction lights.

Easily Identify Operation Status

4. Built-in Durability and Functionality

The GL-S Series is environmentally resistant and features built-in series connection ability and interference prevention.

Built-in Durability and Functionality

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  • GL-R series - Safety Light Curtain

    Rugged housing, small footprint, simplified wiring, full-length status indicators, and optional safety relay with QD cables

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