Safety Light Curtain

SL-C series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Safety Light Curtain: Standard and Fine Pitch Models

No Dead Zone, Edge-to-edge Detection Zone Ensures a Fully Guarded Area

SL-CH, hand protection, series. Minimum detectable object: 0.98" (25mm) Diameter.

Protection Types

Eliminate Dead-zones at every part of the safety light curtain

• The top and bottom beam axes are positioned just 5 mm from the reference surfaces.
• Cables can be routed in any direction.

Conventional Area Sensor

Dead Zone

A hand can penetrate through the dead zone

SL-C No Dead Zone Safety Light Curtain

No Dead Zone

Even a finger tip cannot penetrate the detection zone

Built-in-Controller Safety Light Curtain

A controller circuit is built in the safety light curtain itself. A conventional large controller box is not required.

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