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Manual-Calibration Fiberoptic Sensor

FS-V/T/M series

FS-T1 Series Amplifier

One Touch Calibration Sensors. FS-T1(P)/T1G/T2(P)/T0

FS-T1 Fiber optic sensor amplifier

World's Smallest Amplifier

Ultra-thin amplifier, only 9 mm wide, delivers the ultimate in space-saving design.

Self-diagnostic Function

When the light quantity becomes unstable due to dirt on the fiber tip or a misalignment of the optical axis, the alarm output turns on, preventing a malfunction from occurring.

Sensitivity Setting Procedure (Multiple Setting Modes)

FS-V1 Full automatic

Fully Automatic Calibration

Press the SET button to automatically detect the sensitivity difference between a target and a background. Calibration does not require production stoppage.

FS-V1 Position calibration

Positioning Calibration

This is effective when you want a signal indicating that a target has reached a specified position. Applications include fixed length cutting of hoop material or printing marks on parts.

FS-V1 2 Point calibration

2-point Calibration

2-point calibration is used to make minute sensitivity adjustments that cannot be done with conventional automatic calibration. This calibration is easy to perform and can help you detect marginal defects on your product line.

In addition to models with a red light source, a green light source model, the FS-T1G, is available for more accurate color detection.

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