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Wiring Diagram

IL-1000 IO circuit

1. The brown, blue, and light blue cables are not
provided in a IL-1050/IL-1550 unit
(expansion unit).
The power is supplied to the expansion unit from
the IL-1000/IL-1500 unit (main unit).
2. For an analogue output, OFF (not used), 0 to 5 V,
±5 V,
1 to 5 V, or 4 to 20 mA can be selected.
3. For an external input, bank A input, bank B input,
laser emission stop input, or OFF (not used) can
also be selected.
For details, refer to the User’s Manual.
4. If there are over 6 additional expansion units,
please use a power voltage of 20 to 30 V.