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Superior Detection Capabilities

Highly stable detection using HS2 Technology

"HS2 Technology" combines the Time of Flight (TOF) detection method with a custom integrated circuit, allowing for consistently stable detection over long distances, regardless of target color, surface finish, or angle.


Datum and additional features maximize sensor fucntionality

DATUM function

DATUM function

This function enables the sensor to detect all conditions, except for a set "reference" state. It allows for detection of any target that passes in front of the sensor, even those that prevent laser light from returning to the unit.

Focused detection capabilities

Focused detection capabilities

The influence of surrounding objects* is greatly reduced by the LR-T's focused detection design when compared to other position based sensors that use triangulation or ultrasonic detection principles.

*Other position based sensors may be affected by factors such as the surface finish of the surrounding objects, as well as gap/hole sizes.

Outstanding interference prevention

Mutual interference prevention for up to 4 units

Up to four sensors can operate in close proximity without the potential for mutual interference. This makes it possible to stably detect multiple points on a target without interference.

Ambient light resistance of up to 100,000 lux

The custom integrated circuit (IC) prevents the sensor from being affected by factory lighting, as well as various other types of light generated in production processes.