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          RGB Digital Fiberoptic Sensors

          CZ series

          RGB Sensor Heads

          Transparent Object Differentiation with the CZ Series RGB Sensor

          CZ-10 Sensor Head

          CZ-10 variable beam sensor head

          Adjust the size of the beam spot to fit the targe.

          CZ-11 Sensor Head

          CZ-11 side view sensor head

          Install in tight locations.

          CZ-12 Sensor Head

          CZ-12 area beam spot sensor head

          By averaging values from an area spot, the sensor absorbs unrelated target variations such as the influence of text or scratches on the target surface, enabling stable and reliable detection.

          CZ-40 Sensor Head

          CZ-40 long distance waterproof sensor head

          Long-distance waterproof type boasts a 70 mm (2.76") detection range.

          CZ-41 Sensor Head

          CZ-41 small beam, waterproof sensor head

          Small beam spot type sees small targets.

          CZ-60 Sensor Head

          CZ-60 transparent object detection

          For detecting tinted transparent objects. Transparent objects with only slight color differences can be differentiated due to its high precision RGB light sources and its retro-reflective operating principle which sends emitted light through the target twice increasing light attenuation.

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