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What is Full-Spectrum?

Presence & Absence, Product Differentiation, Registration Marks, Color Verification

How a Full-Spectrum Sensor Works

Unlike conventional sensors which only use a Red LED, the LR-W utilizes a White LED and the full color spectrum. By doing this, the LR-W can reliably and stably differentiate a much wider range of targets.

Additional Features to Ensure Stable Detection

Auto Calibration

By using the Auto Tuning function, the LR-W accounts for a target's color, brightness, and surface finish to determine which detection method is best suited for the given application. This helps to ensure stable detection regardless of target variations.

Master Calibration

Color inconsistencies, vibration, worn surfaces, or angled/tilted targets can all lead to unstable detection. Master Calibration allows user's to teach the sensor these variations in advance. Furthermore, Master Addition Calibration enables conditions to be easily added as they arise.