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          Built-in amplifier photoelectric sensors

          PZ2 series

          Photoelectric Sensors for Side-by-Side Operation

          Self-contained Photoelectric Sensors

          Greatly Improved Serviceability

          Modular Design

          Mounting the sensor body and routing the cable can be performed independently, reducing time and labor.

          When replacing the sensor body because of damage, or if replacing the sensor body with a different model because of changes in specifications, there's no need to replace the entire sensor.

          Highly Durable Metallic Sensor Head

          Highly Durable for Long Life

          Unlike conventional resin head models, a metallic head cannot easily be damaged or cracked.

          Side-by-side Installation of Two Sensors

          Alternate-frequency Operation

          The PZ2-41(P), PZ2-42(P), and PZ2-61(P) can operate at alternate-frequencies, enabling two sensors to be mounted in close proximity.

          Newly Developed P.R.O. Function

          Improved Detection Stability

          P.R.O. function: The PZ2-61's optical system is constructed so that the transmitter emits only the horizontal component of the light wave through the horizontal polarizing filter. The receiver then collects only the vertical component through the vertical polarizing filter. This allows mirror-surfaced targets to be repeatedly detected.

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