CCD Laser Micrometer

VG series

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This product has been discontinued.

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High Speed and High Accuracy CCD Laser Micrometer

Cost-effective Sensor with High Performance Features

High-speed and high-accuracy in a cost-effective sensor

Utilizing a 5000 bit CCD image sensor as the light-receiving element, the VGSeries offers a resolution of 5µm 0.20Mil.

The high-speed sampling rate of 780 c/s enables measurement of dimensions, outer diameter and shape of targets traveling at a high speed. The 35 × 300mm 1.38" × 11.81" measuring area enables the VG Series to measure targets of various sizes.

Versatile controller with four measurement modes

Employing a CCD image sensor that can confirm target position, the VG Series provides four measurement modes.

Normal Measurement Mode

Measurement of rod outer diameter/width.

VG series normal measurement mod

Edge Light Measurement Mode

Measurement of roller gap.

Edge light measurement mode

Edge Dark Measurement Mode

Edge control and measurement of runout.

VG series edge dark measurement mode

Segment Measurement Mode

Measurement of position, dimension and inner diameter of targets of a complicated shape.

VG series segment measurement mode

Easy-to-see two color LED display

The two-color LED display enables operators to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable products easily, even from a long distance away.
The built-in measurement position display function allows the part currently being measured to be confirmed at a glance.

VG series two color LED display

Sensor for Synchronous Input is Unnecessary

The VG Series starts measuring when a target interrupts a specified portion of the beam. However, you can program a starting time using the built-in self-timing function. This enables a single VG Series sensor to measure moving targets at the optimal position.

Teaching Function Simplifies Upper/lower Limit Setting Operation

When a target with upper or lower limit dimensions is placed within the measuring range, the upper/lower limits can be set easily. Up to eight external input at product changeover.

VG series teaching function

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