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          Proximity sensors with in-cable amplifiers

          EM series

          Amplifier-in-Cable Compact Proximity Sensor

          Alternate-frequency EM sensors for Side-by-side Installation

          Compact Sensor Heads

          With a sensor head diameter as small as 3 mm for the cylindrical type and M5 for the threaded type, the EM series sensor is an effective space-saver.

          Short Length

          The sensor head is half the length of conventional M8-sized self-contained proximity sensors. This enables the EM series to be installed in limited spaces, thereby broadening its range of applications.

          Easily Visible Output Indicator

          The output indicator is located on the amplifier housing installed in the cable, enabling sensor operation to be easily confirmed.

          The output cable is made of a high-tensile copper alloy giving it 5 times greater flexibility than conventional sheathed cables.

          Parallel Installation

          Alternate-frequency EM sensors can be installed next to each other without causing interference.

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