Inductive Gauging Sensor

EX-200 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Accurate Analog Output of Minute Displacement

Built-in Linearizer Circuit for Accurate Absolute Displacement Values

Accurate analog output of minute displacement

The EX-200 Series measures target displacement with a resolution of 0.04% F.S. (0.4 µm 0.02 Mil with the EX-305 sensor head). The dual analog outputs (voltage/current) enable connection to external equipment.

Linearity of ± 1% of F.S.

Using the built-in linearizer circuit, the EX-200 Series accurately outputs absolute displacement values.

Auto-zero Function

Pressing the auto-zero key sets the current measured value to 0 V. Zero-point adjustment with a standard target is as simple as pressing the auto-zero key, making sensor setup at product changeover quick and easy. (External control terminal is provided.).

High response speed

The EX-200 Series offers a response frequency of up to 18 kHz (with the EX-305), allowing measurement of rapidly vibrating targets.

Auto-zero key

Pressing the auto-zero (ZERO) key sets the present voltage output to 0 V (current output to 4 mA). Zero-point adjustment with a reference target can be completed simply by pressing the ZERO key.

Alarm functions

• If the sensor head is damaged or the cable is disconnected, the ALARM LED indicator lights and an alarm signal is output.
• If the target is out of the measuring range, the OVER LED indicator lights. Operators can easily adjust sensor position using the OVER indicator.

Sensor head housing IP-67 rated

Four sensor head models are available, including compact and long-range types.

DIN rail-mountable

Compact amplifier that is DIN-rail or screw-mountable for easy installation almost anywhere.

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