Three-wire self contained amplifier proximity sensors

EZ series

Self-contained Proximity Sensor

High Sensitivity and Long Detecting Distance Proximity Sensors


Conventional models/EZ

With a sensor body up to 30% shorter than previous models, the EZ Series proximity sensor offers high sensitivity and long detecting distance.

Excellent water and oil resistance

Excellent water and oil resistance

[1] Protective cable for improved seal
[2] Oil-resistant plastic
[3] Thick stainless steel housing (EZ-8M)
[4] Oil- and heat-resistant cable

Flat design, space-saving, 8-mm 0.31" thick model available

Provides an impressive detecting distance of 5 mm 0.20" and features a die-cast aluminum housing.

Easy-to-see output indicator

An output indicator is built into the sensor unit in such a manner that sensor operation can be easily confi rmed from virtually any angle.

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