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Vision Sensor

IV series

Food/Pharmaceutical Industry

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Best before date printing presence detection

Check for printing presence
The position adjustment function on all IV Series models provides stable detection regardless of part orientation. It compensates for up to 360° of rotation while still checking print presence.

Missing straw detection

Color tool detects missing straws
The color model reliably detects the straw and remains unaffected by the background color. Also, the dedicated processor was developed to be capable of high-speed processing. This means the IV Series achieves stable detection even when inspecting fast-moving production lines.

Model detection by using text differences

Differentiate models based on printed text
With our newly developed shape tool, not only is there no need to worry about the effect of background colors, but it is now possible to search for patterns within the entire field of view.
This enables stable detections even when misalignments occur during conveyance.

Label misalignment detection

Checks misaligned labels
All IV Series models are equipped with a position adjustment function. It can check if a label is misaligned using the bottle cap as reference. Judgments are stabilized by allowing for overall part rotation during conveyance.

Missing bottle detection

Detect several bottles using a single sensor
The IV Series is now equipped with our newly developed, ultra wide field of view. Combined with the ability to detect 16 unique features at the same time, it is now possible to inspect a large area with a single sensor.

Missing label printing detection

Detect missing print on labels
The IV Series is now ultra small, which makes it possible to install even in the narrowest of spaces. This makes integration into exisiting systems simple, where conventionally it has been a hinderance. Also, thanks to our newly developed wide field of view lens, it is possible to view a wide area even with the sensor mounted close to the part.

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