Static-Sensing Ionizer

SJ-H series

Airless static elimination and "large air volume static elimination," the greatest static elimination capacity for every scenario

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1. Fast static elimination regardless of the charge

New functions added to this series provide great improvements in static elimination speed and maintenance-saving performance.
Static elimination capacity is powerful not only with compressed air but also when there is no downflow.
(*KEYENCE comparison as of December 2007 using a corona discharge type static elimination bar)

2. High Usability

Full of useful and easy-to-use functions

  • No high-voltage power supply necessary
  • Automatically detects levels of static and reacts quickly to eliminate charge
  • All models operate with or without air, no need for air knife
  • Removable probe tips make maintenance easy

3. Product Applications

Used in a wide range of industries. KEYENCE has a Static Eliminator to meet any application need.

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