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          Ultra High-Speed, Sensing Ionizers

          SJ-H series

          Airless static elimination and "large air volume static elimination," the greatest static elimination capacity for every scenario


          Fast static elimination regardless of the charge

          New functions added to this series provide great improvements in static elimination speed and maintenance-saving performance.
          Static elimination capacity is powerful not only with compressed air but also when there is no downflow.
          (*KEYENCE comparison as of December 2007 using a corona discharge type static elimination bar)

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          High Usability

          Full of useful and easy-to-use functions

          - No high-voltage power supply necessary
          - Automatically detects levels of static and reacts quickly to eliminate charge
          - All models operate with or without air, no need for air knife
          - Removable probe tips make maintenance easy

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          Product Applications

          Used in a wide range of industries. KEYENCE has a Static Eliminator to meet any application need.

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