High-Performance Micro Static Eliminators

SJ-M series

Highly-functional Controller

Highly-functional controller with built-in static elimination indicators

Reliable Design for Greater Safety

Reliable Design for Greater Safety

[1] Low-voltage 24V Wiring

By using 24V low-voltage wiring, the SJ-M series prevents cable deterioration caused by electrostatic discharge and eliminates the influence on surrounding equipment. This allows the SJ-M to provide a safe and simple system configuration.

[2] Abnormal Discharge Detection Circuit

When abnormal electrostatic discharge is detected, the SJ-M Series outputs an alarm signal and simultaneously turns off the high-voltage power supply to prevent potential problems.

[3] Static Elimination Stop Input

With the static elimination stop input, the SJ-M Series can stop applying voltage to the electrode while the main power supply remains active, ensuring safe operation during maintenance.

[4] Compliance with CE Marking

The SJ-M Series static eliminator ensures a high safety level in compliance with the requirements of the CE Marking standard.

Electrostatic Charge Monitor

Electrostatic Charge Monitor

The SJ-M Series is equipped with an electrostatic charge monitor that allows the quantity and polarity of electrostatic charges on a target to be easily monitored at a glance.

Ion Level Monitor

Ion Level Monitor

The ion level monitor performs self-diagnosis of the ion emission quantity and displays the ion balance with the bar LEDs. Also, it activates the alarm output when the ion emission quantity falls below a specific level. This function allows you to monitor dust adhesion to the electrode probe.

Condition Monitor

When the electrostatic charge level is extremely high, or when there is insufficient static elimination, the condition monitor activates the LED indicator and outputs an alarm signal to external equipment.

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