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          AutoID Data Controller

          DV-90 series

          Automatic Barcode Data Verification and Evaluation

          Auto ID Data Controller

          DV-90 Series Verification/Evaluation Process

          Immediate Verification/Evaluation of Barcode Data

          The DV-90 compares the data read with a bar code reader to the data registered in advance (preset data) for verification. The evaluation result is output in parallel *. Setting is easy without any need for difficult programming.

          *The output can be selected from bit, binary, and BCD. Up to 900 pieces of master data can be registered.

          Easy Preset Registration

          The preset bar code data can be registered easily by simply reading the bar codes applied on products or instruction sheets. Additions or a change of products can be registered easily without changing the program. (Collective registration is also possible with the setup software.)

          Digital Display for Quick Visual Confirmation

          The data replacement function replaces readout bar code data instantaneously with a specific product name. Such an easy-to-read display enables easy confirmation of data reading. (Supported characters: alphanumeric characters and katakana)

          Two serial ports & USB interface are standard

          Both of the two serial ports can be used to connect BL Series units (bar code readers) respectively. It is also possible to select a port from PORT 1 or 2 to verify data for each preset number. Moreover, a USB interface is featured as standard. Consequently, two BL Series units and a PC can be connected simultaneously.

          Setup software with various functions included

          DV-90 Setup Software CD

          The included software allows users to set all functions of the DV-90 on a PC and transfer the setting to the DV-90. Users can even create "a bar code for collective setting" to set the DV-90 all at once by reading the bar code with the BL Series without a need for PC connection. It is also possible to create a bar code for collective setting of the BL Series.

          DV-90 Series Software Control Panel

          DV-90 Software Control Panel

          Conforms to the International Standards, CE and UL,

          The DV-90 conforms to the international standards of CE and UL as standard. It can be used reliably in devices for overseas use. The model with the PNP open-collector output, which is used widely in many countries, is also available (DV-90PE *.).

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