Built-in Ethernet Capabilities + Master/Slave Function for Using Multiple Readers Effectively

Built-in Ethernet Capabilities (TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET, FTP, SNTP, Power over Ethernet)

In addition to data, the SR-750 can transfer captured images in real time and quickly check reading status or read error images. Through the use of the standard Ethernet connection, easy integration is possible into most multi-vendor network environments.

Multi-Monitor Software/Receive Power over Ethernet

Master/Slave Function for Using Multiple Readers Effectively

This function reduces the programming load on the host computer or PLC drastically when multiple SR-750 readers are used.
Two modes are available: multi-drop link mode and multi-head mode.
(Can be used in combination with SR-D100 Series.)

The master station sends data from slave stations to the host.

Multi-drop link mode

In this mode, data read by multiple SR-750 Series readers (up to 32) working in different locations are sent collectively by a single master to the host. This eliminates the need for the host to control communication among multiple readers, simplifying programs in the system.

The master station controls slave stations.

Multi-head mode

This mode allows multiple SR-750 Series readers (up to 8) to operate as a single device. A single trigger can be sent to the master reader, and master reader will output data to the host when the position of the code will change on the part.

Data Edit Function

Output any specified characters in a barcode

Output data and FTP image file names can be edited, leading to reduction in data processing on the host. Output only required character strings or configure readers as drop-in replacement on existing systems with reduced programming.