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          LED Lighting

          CA-D series

          • Illumination Controllers

          Illumination Controllers

          CA-DC Series

          CA-DC Series

          Minimal wiring
          CA-DC30E (For XG/CV-X Series only. For use when combined with the CA-DRWxX Series only.)
          CA-DC21E (Dedicated for CV-5000/XG/CV-X Series)

          Minimal wiring

          The LED lighting controller can be connected directly to the vision system with the minimal amount of wiring required. The controller enables direct illumination control and light strobing in conjunction with image capture trigger inputs without the need for a PLC. Up to 4 illumination expansion units can be connected to a single vision system, enabling up to 8 lights to be connected in any combination without wiring.

          Strobe lighting

          LED illumination is the norm for machine vision due to its flexibility and lifetime characteristics. However due to complex wiring and sequencing, the fast switching performance of LEDs may not be maximized and the light is left continuously on. The CA-DC30E/CA-DC21E automatically enables strobing of light sources by default without the need for wiring or complex programming. This results in a significantly longer service life.


          Illumination Controller





          Illumination Controller
          Only for XG/CV-X200/CV-X100 Series
          Compatible with CA-DRWxX lights only

          Illumination Controllers
          Only for XG/CV-5000/CV-X200/CV-X100 Series



          Forced light stop: Input rating max. 26.4 V, min. 2 mA


          Light control method

          Constant current control method

          (1) Constant voltage control method (direct current light)
          (2) Pulse width modulation method (light emitting frequency: 100 kHz)
          [Program setting]

          Intensity range

          255 level digital [Program setting]

          Connection points

          2 ch
          (dedicated 6-pole circular connector)

          2 ch
          (Supports LED connector and terminal block connections)


          LumiTraxTM light dedicated power supply

          12 VDC/24 VDC [DIP switch setting]


          Max. 81 W

          Max. 40 W (30 W per channel)


          Camera trigger/shutter speed synchronization

          FLASH output synchronization/continuous lighting
          [Program setting]

          Response speed

          Under 1 ms

          (1) Constant voltage control: Max. 10 ms at 12 V output, Max. 20 ms at 24 V output
          (2) Pulse width modulation control: Max. 1 ms at 12/24 V output


          LED display

          Power indication, light status indication (2 ch individually)

          Power indication, light volume indication


          Power voltage

          24 VDC ±10 %

          Current consumption

          5 A (at maximum load)*1

          3.0 A (12 V output at maximum load)
          6.5 A (24 V output at maximum load)*1

          Environmental resistance

          Ambient temperature

          0 to +50 °C 32 to 122 °F*2*3

          Relative humidity

          35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)*4


          Approx. 430 g

          Approx. 590 g

          *1 Out of which the current consumption of controller is 1.6 A.
          *2 Environmental resistance of the light emitting part is 0 to +40 °C 32 to 104 °F ambient temperature and 35 to 65 % RH ambient humidity (no condensation).
          *3 Limited by the ambient temperature of connected controllers.
          *4 Environmental resistance of the light emitting part is 0 to +40 °C 32 to 104 °F ambient temperature and 35 to 65 % RH ambient humidity (No condensation).
          *5 Integrated lighting controller only for direct connection to a Keyence vision controller (CV-5000, CV-X and XG Series). Contact KEYENCE for more details.

          Optional parts

          Precautions for using LED illumination

          • Continuous use of LED illumination at high temperature and high humidity accelerates light intensity reduction and deterioration.
          • Reduce heat emission from illumination.

          Use the limit function and the light adjustment trimmer.
          If LED illumination is used at the maximum light intensity, illumination emits a large amount of heat, which will affect the service life. It is recommended that the limit function should be turned on, or the light adjustment trimmer should be set to approx. 40 to 60%. (Standard feature of CA-DC100)
          Turn on LED illumination only when capturing images.
          It is recommended that the external ON/OFF switching function should be used to strobe lights in synchronization with image capturing.
          * LED’s do not deteriorate or burn out like normal lights when pulsed at a high ON/OFF frequency.
          Use LED illumination in an environment that ensures easy heat radiation and cooling.
          Installation of a cooling air blower and fan, and using mounting brackets with high heat conductivity are effective.

          • Illumination Controllers

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