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CV-3000 series

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Ultimate Flexibility

The CV-3000 Series Provides a Wide Variety of Resources to Solve Even the Most Difficult Applications.

16 Types of Inspection Tools

A large number of inspection tools are available to meet the needs of even the most demanding machine vision applications. The modes can be used individually to solve simple problems or in combination with each other for complex image processing

16 Types of Inspection Tools

Abundant Pre-processing [Best in its class]

Abundant Pre-processing

In addition to common filters such as expansion, shrink, and sobel, the CV-3000 Series incorporates color binary conversion processing and color shade processing as pre-processing functions. Up to 14 types of filters can be set per window.

Illumination Adjustment Function

The illumination adjustment function automatically returns the brightness of a captured image to that of the registered image before inspection. This reduces malfunctions due to illumination degradation and variation of external light.

Illumination Adjustment Function

Conditional Branch Function

The conditional branch function enables you to set whether to perform the execution of an inspection window depending on the output result of another inspection window.

Conditional Branch Function


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