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Triple Processors Allow Use on High-speed Lines

Multi-camera Universal Machine Vision System.

Triple Processors Push Speeds to 10 Times that of Conventional Models [First in its class]

Triple processors allow use on high-speed lines

In addition to a lightning fast RISC CPU chip, the CV-3000 series controller uses two DSP chips for image processing. This increases speed by distributing the work normally done by 1 CPU between 3 processors. The cameras have also been geared towards highspeed production. Both the 240,000 pixel models and 2,000,000 pixel models use KEYENCE's double buffer technology to cut image transfer times in half!

Triple Processors Push Speeds to 10 Times that of Conventional Models

20,000 Parts per Minute, Double-speed Color Camera

20,000 Parts per Minute, Double-speed Color Camera

Better Resolution: With the same field of view.

Combining triple processors with a double-speed color camera* has achieved ultra-high-speed processing. This enables the CV-3000 Series to sufficiently cope with high-speed production lines.

(Appearance inspection of chip components)
The time required for dimension measurement through multiple edge detection, defect detection in stain mode, and position adjustment is only 13 ms. (Using partial image reading)

[First in its class]
Double Buffer

Double Buffer

The double buffer memory allows the CV-3000 Series to accept the next trigger input when an image is being processed. This enables an inspection tact time of about 16 ms (about 3,700 parts/minute)* even in non-interlaced reading mode.
(* When the CV-035C is used and the image processing time is 15 ms)

Partial Image Reading

Partial Image Reading

The partial image reading function enables you to significantly reduce the image transfer time because it transfers only the necessary image data.


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