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Intuitive Vision System

CV-5000 series

Interfacing Options

Multiple Interface Options for Seamless Integration

Interfacing Options

[1] Save to mass-storage twin SD cards [First in the industry]

Save to mass-storage twin SD cards

First in the industry to support the SDHC standard (*). There are 2 available memory slots for SD cards. With a total capacity of 8GB, a large amount of configuration files and failed screen data can be saved at high speeds.

* Reading SDHC standard SD cards via a PC requires a dedicated card reader (commercially available).

[2] USB 2.0 connector

USB 2.0 terminal

USB 2.0 allows for quick transfer of image data and settings from your PC. No setup necessary. Ready to use on-site.

[3] Illumination control expansion unit

Illumination control expansion unit

The illumination control expansion unit CA-DC21E, allows users to connect and control vision system lighting without any external devices for programming.

[4] Camera connector

Camera connector

The camera cable connection is recessed to minimize dead space when mounted inside control cabinets.

[5] Camera expansion unit connector

Camera expansion unit connector

Connects the camera expansion unit CV-E500 when 3 or 4 cameras are used.

[6] RS-232C communication

RS-232C communication

Enables a PLC link with devices made by other manufacturers. Communicates directly with PLC data memory without additional ladder programs.

[7] EtherNet/IP™ Communication

Ethernet PLC link function

EIP communication is enabled through the Ethernet port so that data can easily be sent to Rockwell PLCs, or other EIP devices.

System configuration diagram

System configuration diagram

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