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          Intuitive Vision System

          CV-X series

          Auto Identification


          Character recognition tool that visualizes the extracted conditions providing stable and reliable inspection

          This tool recognizes characters printed or stamped on a product. To cope with printing conditions constantly changing on site, KEYENCE has put utmost emphasis on visualizing important factors for character recognition such as character extraction, stability and character library.

          Light intensity fluctuation-resistant

          Light intensity fluctuation-resistant

          With grey-scale processing that does not use binary processing, stable inspection is ensured even if ambient light changes. In addition, the character extraction method is used so that the user can understand recognition conditions easily.



          Character extraction, the most important factor for character inspection, is now visualized with waveforms. The user can determine stability instantaneously since these waveforms can also be checked during operation.

          1D/2D CODE READERS

          Executes code reading and image processing inspection simultaneously

          Reads the 1D/2D codes printed on the target workpieces. Since code reading and inspection using otherĀ image processing tools can be done simultaneously, this function leads to space saving and cost reduction compared with conventional cases where 1D/2D code readers and image processor are installed separately.

          1D/2D CODE READERS

          • New Function: LumiTrax


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