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“3 + 1” Processor System: Ultra High-Speed, Parallel Processing
3 + 1 Processor

“3 + 1” Processor System: Ultra High-Speed, Parallel Processing

KEYENCE always strives to create the industry standard and best performance for ASIC/CPU based vision systems. Placing a heavy emphasis on the benefits of parallel processing and processor architecture has helped keep KEYENCE at the forefront of technology. In addition to the “A.C.E.II” (advanced color extraction engine), KEYENCE has achieved stable, high-speed processing by combining 2 DSPs (image processing and screen display) and a RISC-CPU for overall control and communication into one dedicated hardware package.

[Comparison with conventional processing]


XG-7000 Series

XG-7000 Series

Achieving faster processing speeds by sharing imaging processing tasks between multiple processors.

Multi-Camera, Simultaneous Acquisition
3 + 1 Processor

The XG-7000 Series allows for the seamless use of up to 14 different camera models. Depending on the inspection required, the most suitable camera can be selected and combined with other cameras on the same controller. For instance, camera 1 and 2 could be high speed monochrome cameras for simple part position, where as camera 3 could be a 5 megapixel color camera for part quality inspection. Up to 4 cameras can be connected by adding the camera expansion module. The system runs all 4 cameras simultaneously*, (including the data-intensive 5 megapixel color camera). This controller flexibility also allows for easy upgrading and changes to be made based on changes in the inspection criteria. If another camera is needed, it can be specified based on the task required and easily added to the system.
* Connection of 1 megapixel or more cameras is limited to the XG-7502/7702 only, 5 megapixel camera connection limited to the XG-7702 only

[Multi-camera system]

Multi-camera system

[Combination examples]

Combination examples

When conducting inspections using several cameras simultaneously, the total system cost can be kept down by selecting the optimal camera for the required inspection. In the case above, both color and monochrome cameras are used.

Highly Reliable Fan-Less/HDD-Less Design

Fans and conventional HDD’s have moving components that will eventually wear out. By not having moving components, long-term, continuous, reliable operation is possible. The XG Series has sophisticated heat dissipation technology allowing for a fan-less design even while putting heavy loads on processors running at ultra high speeds. In addition, this design is particle emission-free and therefore suitable for use in clean-room environments.

Fan-less / Conventional HDD

[Communication Interface]
Save only the desired images for analysis and simulation

Supports communcation between PLCs from various manufacturers and exchanges results and commands via the data memory. The XG Series is equipped with discrete I/O, RS-232C, Ethernet (TCP/IP), EthernetI/P, PROFINET, USB, and SD card slots. Furthermore, it is also possible to check communication with the communication monitor. This achieves significant reductions in cost, time, and effort.

Communication Interface

[INDUSTRY FIRST] Expandable Controller

By connecting additional modules to the side of the controller, the optimum system can be set up as well as allowing future expansion when needed.

Expandable Controller

Achieves Intuitive Operation with a Touch-pen & Multi-touch

A lineup that includes the new CA-MP120T 12-inch touch panel LCD monitor for CA Series image processing peripherals. Supports multi-touch and intuitive operation that includes a zoom view for areas that have been detected as NG achieves easy and reliable on-site operation. IP-65 rated when panel mounted.

Touch-pen & Multi-touch

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