Customizable Vision System

XG-8000 series

  • Powerful Hardware

Powerful Hardware

Fast & Flexible

Advanced High-Speed Hardware Design

The main DSP of the XG-7000 Series has been upgraded to a triple-core DSP for the XG-8000 Series. The color extraction engine (A.C.E) has been integrated with a communication control CPU into a single FPGA. With the increase in demands for inspection speed and detail, there is a need for higher performance processors to accommodate higher resolution images and faster inspections with the high-load data processing from 5 megapixel area and 67 megapixel line scan camera images. The XG-8000 achieves the ultimate high-speed performance through distributed processing across the three cores.

Comparison of Processing Times

Multi-Camera, Simultaneous Acquisition System [INDUSTRY FIRST]

The XG-8000 Series offers the choice of up to 14 types of area cameras and 3 types of line scan cameras. This allows the same XG programming interface to be used no matter which camera is connected and provides the flexibility to easily adapt to changes that may occur with the inspection criteria.

*The 5MP area type camera is compatible with the XG-8700L controller only. (Used with XG-EC80 camera input unit connected)
*The XG-HL04M/08M are compatible with the XG-8700L controller only. (Used with the XG-EC80L camera input unit connected)

Multi-camera System [EXAMPLE: XG-8702L]

Multi-camera system

Different Camera Combination Example

Combination examples

The entire circumference of the cylinder side is captured into a single image using the line scan camera while it is rotated. The top surface is captured with an area scan camera and the entire workpiece is inspected in one cycle. The combination of two different types of cameras results in reduced inspection times and cost.

Highly Reliable Fan-Less/HDD-Less Design

Fans and conventional HDD’s have moving components that will eventually
wear out. By not having moving components, long-term continuous reliable operation is possible. The XG Series has sophisticated heat dissipation technology allowing for a fan-less design even while putting heavy loads on processors running at ultra high speeds. In addition, this design is particle emission-free and therefore suitable for use in clean-room environments.

Fan-less / Conventional HDD

[Communication Interface]
A wide variety of communication methods

The system supports a PLC Link function as well as EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET protocols to easily exchange data between devices. As a standard, the main controller is equipped with discrete I/O, RS-232C, Ethernet, USB and SD card ports. The built-in communication monitors make it possible to check and troubleshoot the connections between devices significantly reducing cost, time and effort.

Communication Interface

Intuitive Operation with Touch Panel

The product lineup includes a 12-inch touch panel LCD monitor (CA-MP120T) that supports multi-touch and intuitive operation. Pinch zoom can be used to easily view small flaws that have been detected achieving easy and reliable on-site operation.

Touch-pen & Multi-touch

Unique Methods for Operation and Control

Operation can be performed on site with either the touch panel, handheld controller or through remote control with a PC. Enabling controlling, setting and viewing of the XG Series in any environment.

Unique methods for operation and control

  • Powerful Hardware

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