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Image Processing System Integrated Management Software (US Version)


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Model name

XG VisionEditor Ver.5.1

Image input

Supports the simultaneous capture of up to 8 cameras. Supports multiple combinations, repeat capturing and background capturing.
Supports HDR image capture (without background capturing).

Vision toolset

Common specifications

Processing regions, Image Enhancement filters, Color extraction function (Only with a color camera connected), Scaling, Unit Execution




Pattern Search, Edge Position, Trend Edge Position, Blob

Inspection and measurement

Edge Width, Edge Pitch, Edge Angle, Edge Pairs, Trend Edge Width, Blob, Stain, Trend Edge Stain, Intensity, Color inspection (valid for color cameras only),
OCR, 2D Code Reader, 1D Code Reader

Position adjustment

1-point and 2-point position adjustment mode, both performed by the position adjustment unit

Flowchart control

Position Adjustment, Branch/Join, Looping, Break, End

Calculation & image processing

Numerical/Scripting, Image Operation, C Plug In, Calibration, Image Stitching

Timing and processing control

Pause, Timer Start, Timer End, Terminal I/O Delay, Variable Delay, User Menu Delay


On-screen Graphics


Terminal I/O Output, Data Output, Image Output


Issuance of various commands by the command issuance unit

Common to all units

Total Status Processing, Total Error Processing

GUI interface


Number of display patterns: 100 patterns per inspection setting, number of pages: 99 pages per display pattern, number of camera screens: 8 screens per
display pattern, display pattern components: 25 types


Number of dialog settings: up to 900 settings per inspection setting, dialog components: 5 types, built-in dialogs: 40 types


Number of local variables: up to 10000, number of global variables: up to 1024, number of image variables: up to 512



Offline Simulation Mode, Remote Capture Mode, Archive Playback Mode


Offline simulation mode including various GUI elements performed by the XG Simulator



Flowchart/Program, Processing View, Screen Management, Screen Editor, Parts List, Statistical Settings, Image Archive Settings,
Buffer/Processing Control, System Settings, Password Protection and Security

Testing and debugging

Unit Results, Watch, Log, Variable Reference List, Check, Find, Unit List, Statistical Analysis, User Processing View, Status bar, Layout

File transfer/system/
program management

System View, Copy to Clipboard, Version Control


Remote Connection, Image Archive, Trace log viewer, Variable Re-Write, Mode Changing

PC specifications

Operating systems

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional SP2 or later
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, Enterprise
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise
Supports the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 7 only. For all other operating systems, only the 32-bit version is supported.
Operating systems not listed here are not supported.


CPU Minimum requirements: Core 2 Duo 1.06 GHz or higher; Recommended: Core 2 Duo 1.80 GHz or higher
RAM: 2 GB or higher
HDD: Minimum 500 MB of free space*1 Space is required for saving separate image data
Monitor: 1024x768 dots or higher (1280x1024 dots or higher is recommended)
DVD drive: A CD/DVD drive capable of reading the software CD-ROM
USB port: USB 2.0 required.
Either an internet connection or means of receiving the activation code license electronically.
Operating systems not listed here are not supported.


License required for full activation. Information for receiving a license / activation code includes, company details, user ID and CD serial number.

Additional PC

XG Vision Terminal

XG Vision Terminal is included (license-free) as the dedicated PC application of the XG Series. Connecting the PC to the XG Series through an Ethernet or
USB interface makes it possible to use the remote desktop function, output results, output images, save files output when the history is accumulated,
and acquire various files within the controller.

XG Series dedicated
USB driver

USB driver (license free) specifically for connecting a XG-8000 controller via USB to either the XG VisionEditor, XG Vision Terminal software.

*1 The number of possible settings amongst all listed items depends on the main unit memory capacity.

  • New Function: LumiTrax


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