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What is an Inkjet Coder / Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers discharge ink particles to print information such as characters, figures, and images on targets.
With an inkjet printer, the paste up required in offset printing is not necessary. Also, there is no need to perform the heat fusing process commonly found in photocopying machines, laser printers, or similar devices. The ink is discharged in a non-contact manner, so there is no need for the target to be flat, which is a requirement when using a contact-type printer.

Types of inkjet printers

Basic categories

Inkjet printers are mainly grouped into two types: continuous and on-demand.
On-demand type printers are further separated into piezo, thermal, and valve methods depending on how the ink is discharged.

Basic categories

Office and industrial use

Inkjet printers are grouped into office-use printers, which are connected to a PC and are used in an office or a home, and industrial-use printers, which are used on production lines in factories.

Office-use inkjet printers

These printers are used in a wide range of applications such as printing pictures, work documents, and large posters. On-demand type are the most commonly used type of printer in offices, particularly the piezo and thermal method printers.

Industrial-use inkjet coders

With industrial-use printing, targets are not limited to paper. It is necessary to print on a wide variety of materials such as packing film, cans, and PET bottles.
In order to print on products moving on production lines, quick-drying ink and continuous-type printers are extremely useful. On the other hand, on-demand type printers are used for printing large characters on cardboard boxes and similar objects.

Advantages of industrial-use Inkjet Coders

■ Able to print on a variety of materials
These printers can print not only on paper but also on a wide variety of materials such as resin and metal.
■ Capable of high-speed printing thanks to quick-drying ink
The fast drying time of approximately 1 second enables printing that is difficult to rub off.
■ Capable of printing without print head movement
High-speed printing on moving targets is possible without moving the print head.

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