[New Model]Streamline imaging and analysis with a single platform BZ-X800

Application example: Small hepatocytes

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Small hepatocytes

Well-plate observation

Well scanning

Small hepatocytes (a type of liver progenitor cell) are smaller and have a higher potential to proliferate, compared with adult hepatocytes.
Different containers are usually used during the cultivation and experiment periods, making it difficult to to find and image the correct areas.

Image Stitching

Objective lens:CFI Plan Apo λ 4x
Image stitching:9 x 12 images

An area of interest can be observed simply by clicking a container and selecting it

Once you have the BZ-X:

The large motorized stage accommodates a multi-well plate can be used for observation.

For large wells that do not fit in the field-of-view, a single high-resolution image can be obtained by stitching together several adjacent areas.

Using the Stage View, just click the well to observe, and the stage will automatically navigate to it.

Automated scanning of multiple wells is also possible by registering the target well locations.

Simply selecting the type of a container being used changes the Stage View accordingly.

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[New Model]Streamline imaging and analysis with a single platform BZ-X800


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