[New Model]Streamline imaging and analysis with a single platform BZ-X800


The BZ-X Fluorescence Microscope can be easily installed on any benchtop due to its built-in darkroom and compact size.

Flexible fluorescence observation to optimize efficiency

Built-in darkroom

A specimen enclosure is built into the body of the microscope, allowing users to perform fluorescence imaging even in a brightly-lit room. In addition, the system can be placed in a cultivation room or other controlled area, reducing the risk of inappropriate specimen management and contamination. Users can simply put the microscope in an area that will maximize their research efficiency.

Compact size for easy installation


Every component required for operating the microscope such as light sources, lenses, camera, and motorized controls are integrated within the main unit, so you can not only install the system anywhere but also quickly accommodate layout changes and relocation requirements within your lab.

Several observation modes available


Accommodates brightfield, fluorescence, and phase contrast observation with a single unit.

Supports various specimen containers

In addition to slides, the microscope also accommodates other containers such as well-plates, dishes, and flasks.

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[New Model]Streamline imaging and analysis with a single platform BZ-X800


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