[New Model]Streamline imaging and analysis with a single platform BZ-X800



High-accuracy quantification function that supports various specimens

Hybrid Cell Count

KEYENCE’s original algorithm allows accurate quantification even for phase contrast images of cultured cells. The area of interest can be extracted and quantified quickly and accurately from phase contrast, brightfield, and fluorescence images. This easy-to-use software allows for repeatable, user-independent results.

Phase contrast mode

[OK]Phase contrast mode / [NG]Cultured cells(phase contrast image), Uneven background brightness prevents cells from being recognized properly., Low contrast between the outlines of the cells and the background makes it impossivle to accurately differentiate them.

KEYENCE’s original algorithm enables only cells to be accurately extracted regardless of uneven background brightness or low contrast between the outlines of the cells and the background.

Color extraction mode

[image courtesy of] Koji Arihiro, M.D.Ph.D., Department of Anatomical Pathology, Hiroshima University Hospital[Conventional method]Clustered cells cannot be separated properly.

Conventional software cannot extract targets with low contrast or clusters of cells properly. Hybrid Cell Count enables counting of such cells by separating them more precisely and accurately.

Masking mode

By initially specifying a mask area, you can, for example, only count cells expressing fluorescence or measure the area ratio of malignant tumor cells within a normal tissue. It is also possible to extract two types of information separately for a single mask.

Eliminates variations between users and reduces analysis time

Macro Cell Count

Once a single image is measured, multiple images can be automatically measured under the same conditions, achieving reliable evaluation with no user bias.

[Conventional method]Since each image is measured separately, measurement settings may differ.[Marco Cell Count]Reduced time

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[New Model]Streamline imaging and analysis with a single platform BZ-X800


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