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Various analysis functions

Perform point-and-click 2D measurements

Measurement Module

A variety of 2D measurements can be made directly on the image simply by clicking the desired end points. Color information can also be quantified by viewing the RGB brightness values on a histogram.

Visualize fluorescent specimens in 3D

3D Module

After capturing images at different focal planes, these images can then be combined and displayed in 3D. Users can rotate, zoom in or out, and also analyze cross-sections of the 3D image to determine fluorescent signal localization.

Intuitive operation using a mouse

Rotation (Drag with the left mouse button) Zoom in/out (Mouse wheel) Sectional view (Drag with the right mouse button)

Advanced 3D analysis

XYZ slicing

An image can be sliced at any XYZ position to check the sectional view.

Maximum projection

Pixels with the maximum brightness in the Z-axis are combined to display an image with a large depth-of-field.

Video saving function

By inputting an angle of rotation and step, 3D images can be saved and played back as a video. Since videos are saved in a standard format, no specialized software is required for playback, and they can be embedded within presentations and other documents.

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