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Capture an entire specimen with amazing resolution

High resolution up to 50,000 x 50,000 pixels

Image Stitching

Even when an entire specimen does not fit in the field-of-view, multiple images can be stitched so that the entire specimen can be saved as a single image. Once you specify the range to capture, the subsequent imaging is performed automatically. Because stitching can be done at a resolution of up to 50,000 x 50,000 pixels, each image can be saved without having its resolution reduced. Users can then crop and analyze individual areas of a specimen and accurately quantify them.

Stitching images of a well plate

Stitching images of a tissue section

High-precision shade correction

Shade correction accurately eliminates uneven light intensity or uneven contrast caused by lens aberrations around the field-of-view, creating seamless high-resolution images.

Fully-focused imaging even for thick or improperly-mounted samples

Full-focus image stitching

Because the Z-stack and image stitching functions can be used together, you can obtain images with all points fully focused, no matter how large of an area you want to view.

Locate and navigate to areas of interest with a click of the mouse

Navigation function

The Navigation function creates an entire view of the sample by rapidly scanning neighboring areas in a spiral-like path and combining them into a single image. Users can then click anywhere on the large area Navigation image, regardless of the current magnification, and the stage will automatically move to that area. This is incredibly helpful when trying to locate a specific region at high magnification or when showing that your selected areas of analysis are unbiased.

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