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Publication-quality images without using a laser

Obtain a clear image without fluorescence blurring

Optical Sectioning

Optical sectioning allows any user to obtain images comparable to those captured on a laser confocal microscope, but in a fraction of the time and without the damaging effects of a laser. Additionally, operation is simple and intuitive, so even first time users can capture publication-quality images in seconds.

Please click the images below for an enlarged view:

Rat brain cells: Before

Rat brain cells

Zebrafish spinal cord: Before

Zebrafish spinal cord

Camellia leaf: Before

Camellia leaf

Sectioning algorithm

Excitation light is passed through an electronic light modulator and is projected in a grid pattern onto only the focused areas of a specimen. These focused sections are then combined to create a clear image that is free of out-of-focus fluorescence. Since this doesn't require the use of any lasers or high intensity illumination, damage to the sample is minimized.

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