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Effortless time-lapse imaging

Integrated darkroom also supports incubation chamber for time-lapse imaging

Optional small incubator available

This small, desktop incubation chamber mounts directly inside of the BZ-X and can control temperature and CO2 concentration for prolonged time-lapse imaging experiments. Even with its small size, the chamber is still able to house multi-well plates.

Areas of interest will not drift outside the field-of-view

The capture position can be adjusted during time-lapse so that the area of interest remains focused within the field-of-view.

The target is about to move
out of the viewing area

Readjust the X, Y, and Z capture position

Image capture resumes using
the updated position

No out-of-focus images

The image with the best focus is automatically selected from those captured with the Z-stack function. Based on this information, the Z-stack range is adjusted automatically so that the target will not go out of range, allowing for fully-focused images to be captured throughout observation.

Individualized image capture settings

Multiple specimens, requiring different viewing conditions (e.g. exposure time, filter set, magnification, etc.), can be captured during the same time-lapse experiment, improving the efficiency of image capture.

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