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Depth composition


Even when the depth-of-field is shallow and the overall focus is poor, some areas of a target are still in-focus. As the distance between the lens and the object change, the area of focus also changes. By moving the lens throughout the different focal planes on a target, the VHX captures every pixel that comes into focus at each level and combines them into a single, fully-focused image.

A : Focus at the highest point B: Focus at the middle point C : Focus at the lowest point Depth composition image. Extraction & composition.Depth composition image


The advancement of depth composition technology also extends to processing speed in addition to image quality. No matter how brilliant a technique can be, it is not practical if the operation or calculation takes too long.
The high-speed processing technique of the VHX-6000 advances the technology to benefit users' analysis tools.
The real-time depth composition function allows you to display fully-focused images, in real-time, simply by moving the stage to the area of interest.
High-quality depth composition images can be generated in UXGA resolution with high-speed calculations and position/magnification correction.

Real-time depth composition & 3D display function: you can quickly observe a depth composition image by just moving the motorized X-Y stage to view a desired area. Quick depth composition. Faster observation and better analysis using more sample data.How depth composition works:Capturing images. Focus on the lowest area. Camera instantly moves up and down. When real-time depth composition begins, images are captured sequentially at 50 frames per second. Among the captured images, the area with the best focus is selected as the base for depth composition. Depth composition is complete when the highest plane is processed. Depth composition. KEYENCE's original graphics engine processes image data quickly. Display.