In just 30 seconds With just 1 quick photo Quick Consulting Services

Let us introduce "IV Application Assistant", which is a totally brand new KEYENCE service to solve all your mistake and error proofing problems.


Requests take as little as 30 seconds

Using the dedicated website, just capture an image of the target with a smartphone.
There is no need to install an application!


  1. Start of operation
  2. Image capturing
  3. Request complete

Approximately 30 seconds


Various test conditions reproduced from a single image

We will perform a detection test according to the details of the request and report the results to you via your desired method.

Perform a detection test

Master image





Incorrect distance


Faded colors

Missing part

Explanation of the test results

Report creation


Direct, on-site support

Immediately solve detection problems


Requests for improvement must be performed on-site.

Requests placed easily by anyone

No knowledge of device selection is required. Just send a single image of the on-site target and a professional will carry out the test and even provide device selection support.


Necessary to solve problems even when out of the country.

Problem solving even when away on business

For prompt solutions of detection problems when away on business, just send images to the same representative you always use. This system can also be used to select models while away on business.

For details on this service and products, please download and check the materials.

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