Cautions When Using Sample Programs

The "Microsoft Visual C++2005 SP1 redistributable package" is required to use sample source code.
If it is not already installed, download it from the Microsoft Download Center and install it.

These sample solutions were made in Visual Studio 2008(.NET 3.5).
When using sample solutions in Visual Studio 2010 or later versions, sample solutions can be converted by using the conversion wizard for Visual Studio standard functions.
During conversion, manual setup is sometimes required. Refer to the following:

  • Those using Visual Basic
    In Visual Studio, open [Tools]->[Options]->[Debugging]->[General], and deselect the "Enable my code only" option.
  • Those using Visual C++
    In the [Properties Setup Screen] for the project after conversion, open [Configuration Properties]->[Linker]->[General], and change the "Output file" setting as follows:


    *Those using Visual C++ 2013 should install the multibyte MFC library.
    The multibyte MFC library can be downloaded from the following page of the Microsoft Download Center.