By creating products that are both world's firsts and industry's firsts, KEYENCE has become an integral contributor to the global manufacturing community.


Research & Development

KEYENCE'S products contribute to research and development in all of its forms, from conventional applications to regenerative medicine applications such as iPS cell analysis or technological applications such as space rocket manufacturing.

A revolutionary approach to magnified observation

Combining advances in proprietary optical technology and digital technology, KEYENCE’s products are capable of capturing astonishingly clear images regardless of the skill of the user. Each of our products incorporate KEYENCE's advanced technology, including our Multi-Lighting Function that illuminates the target from all directions. Through these innovations, we provide outstanding support for R&D worldwide.


Factory Automation:
The Cutting Edge of Manufacturing

The Fourth Industrial revolution has changed the way we work and manufacture products. Because of the Internet of Things or IoT, smart factories have emerged across the globe. These factories are home to a world of different types of technologies that can communicate with each other and collect the necessary data for improvement. Smart factories are quickly becoming the most efficient way to manufacture.

KEYENCE total solutions

KEYENCE offers a broad lineup of innovative products that include laser sensors and 2D measurement sensors. KEYENCE's laser sensors can provide stable detection of virtually any target while KEYENCE's 2D measurement system can process 64,000 samples per second. No matter your problem, KEYENCE can assist you in finding your solution.


Quality Management:
Inspection process that realizes high quality

High productivity and high quality are required at manufacturing sites. With impressive inspection accuracy and processing speeds beyond the limitations of visual inspection by people, KEYENCE systems contribute to the highest product quality.

Image systems that simplify inspections

The images captured by KEYENCE’s high-accuracy cameras enable instantaneous inspection for various factors including scratches, stains, and dimensions. KEYENCE’s proprietary image-processing algorithms ensure advanced judgment as well as impressive processing speeds.


Delivering Safety and Reliability

KEYENCE products provide stringent product management—from raw material procurement to production and shipment—to ensure the delivery of safe, reliable products bearing clear identification of when, where, and by whom they were manufactured.

Advanced UV Laser Markers that provide exquisite high-definition marking

Utilizing UV wavelengths to prevent heat damage, lasers apply refined high-definition marking on virtually any surface, including plastics and metals. Furthermore, KEYENCE's unique 3-Axis Control function is capable of sharp marking on the most complex shapes.


Undeniably Faster than Other Products

As e-commerce and information technology continue to spread, the volume of distributed goods is steadily increasing year by year. To meet diverse consumer demand, automated transfer systems, robots, and other methods are contributing to increased efficiency.

A terminal with exceptional reading performance that can improve efficiency

KEYENCE supports rapid and reliable product supply by enabling the reading and management of the unique information applied to each product. Incorporating triple-core CPUs providing high-speed autofocus and parallel processing, KEYENCE products are capable of instantly reading even misaligned, dirty, and damaged codes from almost any distance.