Would you like to easily reduce an enormous amount of time and labor cost for inventory?

Simply reading this will convince you of the benefits! Check out this material that introduces the advantages of the handheld mobile computer according to different production processes!

Do you have problems like these?

  • It takes a lot of people and time to check by looking and writing manually
  • There are many counting and clerical errors
  • It is too much work to input handwritten inventory data into a PC
  • There are differences in stock quantities between the data and the actual items due to input errors.

Even these problems...

Will be completely solved if you read this!

Download Catalog

Details about the inventory process after introducing the handheld mobile computer and the advantages they can bring as compared to conventional inventory processes.

For example...

If you’re thinking “I want to know more”, click here!

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The latest unique advantages of the KEYENCE “handheld mobile computer”

Please download for more details.

Download here.


Handy terminal BT Series: Improve inventory (English)

Handy terminal BT Series: Improve inventory (English)

  • [File type]PDF:3.11MB

BT-W100/W80/W70 Series Handheld Mobile Computer General Catalog (English)

BT-W100/W80/W70 Series Handheld Mobile Computer General Catalog (English)

  • [File type]PDF:3.71MB

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