Built-in Machine Operation Recorder Programmable Logic Controller KV-8000 Series


RecordingRecording of all data

Records all devices, cameras, and events. All equipment data is recorded automatically.


View synchronized playback of various data sources recorded from the moment a problem occurred.

AnalysisRelation mapping

Automatically analyze ladder programs and view tree-diagrams of related devices.

Situation drama movie

Case01: Trouble happened during debugging! (06:55)

With MOR, commissioning and debugging are easy!

Case02: Trouble happened during machine commissioning! (07:49)

You no longer need to wait hours for the reoccurrence of a bug!

Case03: Trouble happened during daily operation! (06:10)

The production is halted but the machine builder cannot come until next week? Send the MOR replay data to them so that production can restart quickly!

How to use video

Overview (02:13)

This video provides an overview of the MOR function and the hardware required.

Configuration (04:05)

This video explains how to configure the MOR function.

Replay mode (10:07)

This video explains how to utilize replay mode to find the cause of a fault.

Supplement (04:05)

Additional tools for efficient usage of the MOR function.