Marking Questionnaire

Free Gift from KEYENCE! Fill out this short survey on industrial inkjet coders below to receive your free USB Charger.

*Terms & Conditions:
- Valid for those within the USA with a valid US mailing address.
- Limited to 1 gift per customer.
- Item color may vary.

- The gift will be sent out while stock lasts.
- Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
- Must enter a valid company email address.

* You will receive a gift no matter how you respond to survey questions.

Inquiry Form
Q1. Do you currently use industrial inkjet coders at your facility and/or have plans to purchase? Does not include office printers. (required)
Q2. If not, what types of coding/printing technologies are used at your facility – Check all that apply (required)
Q3. Which type of Industial Inkjet Coder do you use most often?
Q4. What is the age of your current Industrial Inkjet Coder?
Q5. What % of ink types do you use at your facility. Please indicate a % in each box
  • Regular Black Ink:
  • Color Changing (Thermotropic) Ink:
  • MEK Free Ink:
  • Chrome Free Ink:
  • Special Color Ink (Any Color Other Than Black):
  • Thermal Transfer Printers:
  • Food Grade Ink:
  • Other, not listed:
  • We do not use specialty Inks:
Q6. If you use color ink (Other than black) which colors do you most commonly use? Please check all that apply
Q7. How many industrial inkjet coders do you estimate are currently used in your facility?
Q8. What is the model # of the last industrial inkjet coder that you purchased?

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