Using Non-contact Displacement Sensors to
Improve Measurement and Inspection Methods!

We are happy to introduce to you the know-how that KEYENCE has acquired over its history spanning more than 40 years as a direct-sales manufacturer of displacement sensors.

This document provides a varied range of actual applications for those individuals who are using non-contact displacement sensors for the first time and for those individuals who will use such sensors in the future.

We sincerely hope that the comments we have received from customers who have already installed these sensors and the suggestions we make (which are based on actual examples and which can only be made by KEYENCE) will be of use in the production lines of your company.

Contact measurement

  • Measurement error varies depending on operators.
  • 100% inspections cannot be performed.
  • Thickness measurements vary for soft targets.
  • Workpieces are damaged by the sensor.
  • The cycle time cannot be improved.
  • Measurements of narrow locations cannot be performed.

Non-contact measurement

  • No measurement errors attributable to the operator.
  • 100% inspections are possible.
  • No need to worry about the contact pressure.
  • Workpieces are not damaged by the sensor.
  • The cycle time can easily be improved.
  • Measurements of narrow locations are also easy to perform.

Download catalog

  • Our direct sales system provides consistent support for everything from meetings to installation and after-sales service.
    Same-day shipping is available for all products, which eliminates concerns regarding substitution units required due to sudden repairs.
  • High levels of quality and reliability due to our products being made in Japan.
    KEYENCE provides a variety of services free of change such as demonstrations, on-site tests, and operator training.
  • KEYENCE provides global support in 40 countries thanks to its 150 sales offices around the globe, including over 30 sales offices in North America.


Measurement & Test Method Improvements: Contact VS. Non-Contact Measurement

Measurement & Test Method Improvements: Contact VS. Non-Contact Measurement

  • [File type]PDF:705KB

Displacement Sensor/Measurement Instrument (Export Control Products included) General Catalog

Displacement Sensor/Measurement Instrument (Export Control Products included) General Catalog

  • [File type]PDF:9.73MB

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